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FURD Football Circus – Official Video

Here's the official video of the FURD Football Circus featuring contributions from the world-record breaking Dan Magness, foo

End of Project Report

  FC-Communities MatchDay Programme - Final (1) This publication represents research findings, in the form of a m

I Heart Football (Sheffield)

Short videos that show young female players experience of the game https://

Norwich Press Conference

Before they played in a game, we asked our participants to take part in a pre-match press conference with some of them playin

Favourite players and teams

A pretty obvious one, name your favourite (and least favourite) players and teams but it generated some interesting discussio

Football knowledge

We were surprised quite how much the young people enjoyed the quiz we set them about their football knowledge. They pretty mu

Code of Conduct for Players

We asked young people in Norfolk to come up with a code of conduct for professional football players. As you can (just about)

Campaign posters

Posters produced for social campaigns involving football players by young people in Sheffield          

#refspect for pupils @KingEcgbertSchool

[embed][/embed] Pupils getting some experience performing a post-match interview during a rese

Goal Celebrations

This section focuses on the ways in which goal celebrations have become an increasingly elaborate part of the spectacle of bo