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FURD Football Circus – Official Video

Here's the official video of the FURD Football Circus featuring contributions from the world-record breaking Dan Magness, foo

The sun shines on soccer shenanigans in Sheffield!!!

Our end of project event took place on Saturday 14th May in Sheffield and featured a whole host of football-related activitie

End of Project Report

  FC-Communities MatchDay Programme - Final (1) This publication represents research findings, in the form of a m

‘The lack of commitment from … players is frustrating: Football, community and time

Debates about the significance of community have mushroomed in recent decades both in academic, media and policy circles. Muc

Footballers are role models when it comes to being good at football. Everything else is just noise

We noted in an earlier post how the use of the term role model in relation to professional footballers had increased quite no

Athletes of influence? The role model refrain in sport

Brilliant piece by Daryl Adair on sport and role models. This was first published in The Conversation It has become a trui

The more things change …

'After supporting the team through good times and bad times, we are told to mind our own affairs' 'Surely we supporters ar

The place of football in the community

The recent obituaries for Brian Lomax, the man who drove the movement to involve football fans in the running of ‘their’

Cuteness and Kindness: The Conflict of Christiano for Muslim teenagers – A research memo

Our first research workshop took place with a group of six girls aged between 13-16 and what a boisterous occasion it t