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Goal Celebrations

This section focuses on the ways in which goal celebrations have become an increasingly elaborate part of the spectacle of bo


The PFA has an extensive community programme with a budget of around £7 million. These activities began in 1986 and at the t

Signed, sealed, delivered

A lovely little example of how elite professional footballers are viewed by (some) young people and the extent to which their

Reaching out with role models

The National Literacy Trust have just send us details of a piece of research they carried out a few year’s ago concerning

Are elite football’s community programmes part of the ‘new philanthropy’?

According to the PFA (Professional Footballer’s Association) an official programme of community engagement by professional

A new strategy for sport

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has just released a new consultation paper on sport. Partly this is because

‘The lost soul of the beautiful game’?

I’ve just finished reading Lee Price’s book ‘Turning my back on the Premier League‘. In it, Price, a long-term Manche

Celebrate better?

A marketing campaign by the fast food giant McDonalds recently caught our eye as it contributes to the ways in which goal cel

Do mention the C-word!!

You may have noticed that the term ‘community’ has become something of a cliche in media and political debates over the l

When did footballer players become role models?

We’ve carried out a very basic content analysis of the UK press to try and see when the idea that football players are role